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Fr. Dan – The Ascension of the Lord: Doubtful? Keep worshipping!

Homework for the week: Be super aware this week that you are the body of Christ and that Christ is your head. And pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Fr. Dan – 6th Sunday of Easter: The Father in the Son, the Son in the Father…and you and I in the Son!

Homework for the week: Let’s give the Holy Spirit free reign within us this week. And pray throughout the week, thy kingdom come; come, Lord, and reign over me.

Fr. Dan – 5th Sunday of Easter: Show us the Father!

Homework for the week: Very consciously and very actively live your baptismal priesthood this week, gathering important moments that you can bring to this altar next Sunday and lay on this altar to be offered to God. Your spiritual sacrifices will conform you to Christ and lead you ever nearer to the great goal of coming to the house of the heavenly Father.

Fr. Dan – 4th Sunday of Easter: Be the sheep, be the gatekeeper.

Homework for the week: First of all repent! And secondly, be a gatekeeper this week and point someone to Jesus, open the door for someone to come to Jesus.

Fr. Dan – 3rd Week of Easter: A heart created to be on fire.

Homework for the week: Pray for zeal in your heart this week. And read the Scriptures this week searching for both the cross and the glory of Christ.

Fr. Dan – Divine Mercy Sunday: The Christian Rule of Life

Homework for the week: Make a space in your house that’s dedicated exclusively to prayer. We all need the visual and spatial reminder to devote ourselves to the Christian rule of life.