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The Parish Council is a ministry that invites members of our student and adult communities to come together as a board to inform the pastor of concerns and issues in our community. They are also available to share good news and events. The Council consists of students and adult parishioners. The adults come from a variety of ministry and demographic groups within our community. They not only keep the pastor informed, but also serve as an advisory board. They review our budget, offer suggestions as to problem solving, new ideas, or directions to consider. They are an integral part of our community. The Parish Council meets the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Korean Martyrs Room. All are welcome to attend!

Parish Council:

Josh Campbell - President
Patrick Pullins - Secretary

Bill Yarbrough
Caroline Chicoine
Suzanne Hemmann
Jacob Mertes
Wes Stratman
Kevin Harvey
Brooke Lemke
Austin Schuster
Mark Williams

Finance Council:

Gloria Young - Chair
Kevin Harvey - Secretary

Libby Miederhoff
Dick Otto
Russ Zguta
Andrew Zumwalt

Parish Pastoral Council Bylaws