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Fr. Dan – Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Fr. Andrew – 19th Sunday In Ordinary Time

Fr. Dan – The Transfiguration of the Lord: Tabor comes between the Beatitudes and Calvary: teaching, light, and blood.


Homework for the week: Be attentive this week to your reading of the word of God and make time to prostrate yourself in humble prayer, waiting for Jesus to touch you and raise you up.

Fr. Dan – 17th Sunday In Ordinary Time: The infinite in the finite; the eternal in the timebound

Homework for the week: In everything this week, seek the face of Christ.

Fr. Dan – 16th Sunday In Ordinary Time: Ours is the striving, God’s is the achieving.


Homework for the week: Set up your domestic prayer space and start letting the Holy Spirit achieve God’s will for you in prayer. And keep striving for prayer, participation, and sacrificial giving.

Fr. Dan – 15th Sunday In Ordinary Time: What is the Gospel and what hinders us from being transformed by it?


Homework for the week: Throughout this week, intercede with St. Manuel and Bl. Carlo to help transform your heart into rich and fertile soil for the Good News of the Gospel.