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Fr. Dan – 19th Sunday In Ordinary Time: What about your current life is more important than heaven?

Homework for the week: Strive to be vigilant this week in putting heaven above everything else. That doesn’t mean we neglect our responsibilities, but that we strive to be detached from worldly things. And have some vigilant prayer at home, also!

Fr. Dan – 18th Sunday In Ordinary Time: We’re all called to the evangelical counsel to poverty.

Homework for the week: Think this week about what it is that you would struggle to give up or to share with another. And ask the Lord to help you grow in freedom.

17th Sunday of Ordinary Time – The ordination of a Bishop in the Church and the call for all of us to be fathers and mothers.

Homework for the week: Pray an Our Father in the morning, at noon, and at night, asking the Lord to help you exercise fatherhood or motherhood.

Fr. Dan – 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Hospitality is about the guest, not me; Salvation is from Jesus, not me.

Homework for the week: Ask the Lord each day this week, what’s the one thing necessary? What’s your will for me today? Let’s try to pay attention to the desires of the Lord, and the desire of others in how we serve throughout this week.

Fr. Dan – 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Jesus, the divine physician of body, mind, and soul, invites us to be healed and to help heal others.

Homework for the week: Read Colossians chapter one and pray with those titles of Jesus, get to know Him on another level, maybe a deeper level, and then look for an opportunity to share some fruit of your prayer with another. That’s the beginning of what it means to bring healing mercy to others, to “go and do likewise.”

Fr. Dan – 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Jesus calls all of us to mission, both within and without the Church.

Homework for the week: How can you be a missionary of the Gospel this week? Strive this week to invite, to reveal Christian joy, and to witness to Christian peace. And please, let me know if you or another need an annulment.