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Fr. Dan – 3rd Sunday of Lent: Amazing revelation: God is thirsty!

Homework for the week: Beg the Father for the gift of God in your life. And strive to be a witness to someone of your faith, just like the Samaritan woman.

Fr. Dan – 2nd Sunday of Lent – Christ is the source for our transformation

Homework of the week: every day this week, pray with that image of Christ radiating divine Light more powerfully than the sun. Let yourself get a spiritual tan. With absolute faith, bask in divine Light…and be glad.

Fr. Dan – 1st Sunday of Lent: A tale of two Adams and a worm

Homework for the week: Make some extra time this week to pray with this Sunday’s Gospel again, asking for the grace to respond in humble obedience to the Word of God, and rebuking that worm, Satan, and all his evil ones.

Fr. Dan – Ash Wednesday: Matters of the (inner, secret) heart

Some Homework for Lent: Take the prescribed days of fasting and abstinence seriously, close yourself with the Lord in your inner room, in your heart, and pray to be more and more mercy-minded.

Fr. Dan – 7th Sunday In Ordinary Time: Finish the race kind of perfection

Homework for the week: This week, take up the Christian goal to shine and rain love on enemies as well as friends. Give an enemy (or maybe just a stranger) a charitable, prayerful communication. This week, let’s become children of our heavenly Father.

Fr. Dan – 6th Sunday In Ordinary Time: Righteousness enough for the kingdom of heaven

Homework for the week: Make some acts of devotion this week as a response to your faith in the proclamation of Christ crucified. Wear a crucifix necklace more prominently, kiss it daily, do a little fasting, read the Passion account in one of the Gospels, go to confession. These are ways to grow in embracing the cross of Christ and becoming ready to be a new creation in Him.