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Fr. Dan's Homework for the Week:

Resolve to frequent the Sacrament of Reconciliation more frequently starting this Lent. Fight the devil and his temptations with the Sacraments and their graces. The devil will hate that!

Fr. Roberto Ike – Fr. Tolton Celebration Mass

Fr. Dan – “Resurrection Power at Work”

Homework: When receiving holy Communion, say “Amen” with all the faith and love in your heart. And let your prayer for the week be this one from St. Thomas, letting Christ be your center this week: “My Lord and my God!”

Fr. Dan – “Which Adam will you follow?”

Homework: Empty yourself this week: of food, social media, secular music, worldly pursuits. And invite the Holy Spirit alone to fill you.

Fr. Dan – “Jesus teaches us how to avoid exploitation and maintain the dignity of others”

Homework: Ask the Holy Spirit for the eyes of Jesus in seeing the dignity of others.

Fr. Dan – “A Father Who Keeps His Promises”

Homework: This week, let’s practice our trust in the heavenly Father by reflecting and confessing our sinfulness and unworthiness: I’ve sinned against heaven and against you; I no longer deserve to be called your son/daughter. Doing that is what brought the younger son to joy; avoiding it kept the older one in the bonds of fear. I’m a sinner. I’m unworthy. Blessed be the Father Who keeps His promises!

Fr. Paul – “What’s in a name?”