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Fr. Dan – Immaculate Heart of Mary: Mary shows what it means for us to have immaculate hearts.

Homework for the week: Ask for and strive for an immaculate heart-and remember the Sacraments of Penance and Eucharist in your striving. Secondly, reach out to encourage, or help, or pray for this week for someone who’s pregnant. We must always be both pro child and pro mother. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

Fr. Dan – Corpus Christi: Stewardship is a great way to under the call of our Church today to the co-responsibility of the clergy and the laity.

Homework for the week: Pray for priests to minister the Bread of Life to God’s people. And pray for Eucharistic hearts to be good stewards of God’s many blessings.

Fr. Dan – Holy Trinity: Our triune God calls us to friendship, delight, and love.

Homework for the week: Pray the Holy Spirit to drive out any fear in you with His perfect love, so that you can grow in friendship, delight, wisdom, and love.

Fr. Roberto Ike – Fr. Tolton Celebration Mass

Fr. Dan – “Resurrection Power at Work”

Homework: When receiving holy Communion, say “Amen” with all the faith and love in your heart. And let your prayer for the week be this one from St. Thomas, letting Christ be your center this week: “My Lord and my God!”

Fr. Dan – “Which Adam will you follow?”

Homework: Empty yourself this week: of food, social media, secular music, worldly pursuits. And invite the Holy Spirit alone to fill you.