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Fr. Dan – 24th Sunday In Ordinary Time: Servant of the King, and all of us fellow-servants.

Homework for the week: Beg the divine Master this week to give you the grace to be free of any unforgiveness you still harbor in your heart. Be free of that prison sentence. Be grateful for divine mercy.

Fr. Andrew – 23rd Sunday In Ordinary Time

Fr. Dan – 22nd Sunday In Ordinary Time: Not go away, Satan, but go away behind me, Satan!

Homework for the week: If you have a cross necklace, wear it more prominently this week. Hold it, kiss it, embrace it. Let it be a topic of conversation. Let the logic of the cross be your logic this week.

Fr. Dan – 21 Sunday In Ordinary Time: The Rock was alive, and still is today.

Homework for the week: Ask someone about their faith this week. And tell them yours. Tell them you belong to the Church Jesus called His own, and that He founded on the Rock.

Fr. Andrew – 20th Sunday In Ordinary Time

Fr. Dan – Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary