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Fr. Dan – 2nd Week In Advent: John the Baptist and his incredible images for Jesus.

Homework for the week: This week, choose one of those images of Jesus from John the Baptist to pray with, and separate yourself from the noise and distractions of our society and culture. Have quiet time in the car; turn off your devices; wear camel’s hair-do something to change your mindset from the secular to the sacred. It’s a necessary way to prepare for Christmas.

Fr. Dan – 1st Week In Advent: With Jesus, every end is a beginning

Homework for the Week: If the divine Thief came to your house this week, what would you willingly give Him? What would He have to steal from your clinging hands? This week, strive to be less clingy in the presence of our Good and Beloved Thief.


Fr. Dan – Solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Fr. Dan – 33rd Week In Ordinary Time: The Sun of Justice and Brother Death

Homework for the week: Visit a cemetery and pay your respects as part of this month of November when we remember the dead. And look to death with a smile as the doorway to the greatest reunion of your life.

Fr. Dan – 32nd Sunday In Ordinary Time/Vocation Awareness Week – What’s worth dying for?

Homework for the week: Light a candle this week or just stop in Church to pray for an increased response to the invitation to priesthood and religious life especially for our diocese and from our parish. And pray for the grace to see the faith as worthy both to live for and to die for.


Fr. Dan – 31st Week In Ordinary Time