602 Turner Ave. | Columbia, MO 65201



The St. Thomas More Newman Center reserves the right to change any and all parking policies as needed and without advance notice.  Please do not call - read the information below and if you have questions or want to get on the waitlist, email the appropriate contact.

Newman sells a portion of the parking lot to individuals for permit parking at the following rates:

  • $325 for each of the fall and spring semesters (August 1 through December 31; January 1 through May 31)
  • $100 for the summer semesters (June 1 through July 31)

Permit passes are not transferable.  Current permit holders have the option to renew for the following semester.  Remaining spaces are offered to those on the waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis.  To be placed on the waitlist, please email [email protected] with the prospective permit holder’s name, email address, and cell phone number.  (If parents are emailing for students, we need student information and not parent information as the student will be the person in contract with Nemwan.)  PLEASE DO NOT CALL:  The best way to reserve your space on the waitlist is to email [email protected]

Football towing reminder:  Permits are valid 24/7 EXCEPT home football game days and any pre-scheduled maintenance (such as lot resurfacing).  We will email/text reminders, but it is your responsibility to remove your car. Any cars left overnight in the lot will be towed by 6 a.m on every game day (5 a.m. for Homecoming), even if they have a permit.  Contact Doug Perry Towing for information on towed cars at 573-442-4616.