Life Teen


Who We Are & What We’re About

Life Teen is a tri-parish youth ministry program comprised of St. Thomas More Newman Center, Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Lourdes parishes. The main components of our program are spiritual formation, Catholic catechesis, community and discipleship. It’s fun to learn about your faith with your friends, and our hope is that every Life Night is not only fun, but also challenges you to go deeper in your relationship with God and to know more about your Catholic faith.

CoMo Life Teen is a tri-parish community dedicated to serving high schools students in Columbia, MO. The Life Teen Core Team strives to build a community of faith, love, and friendship for each one of our students at every Life Night and Life Teen event.

CoMo Life Teen puts on weekly Life Nights. We also participate in a number of yearly events, camps, and retreats. The Luke 18 retreat is put on by our high school students for the 8th grade retreaters. Our summer opportunities include Steubenville Mid-America, Camp Siena, Camp Maccabee and CHRISTpower.

Spring 2017 Schedule:

  • Jan 22 – After Christmas Christmas Party
  • Jan 29 – Come Together
  • Feb 4 – Trivia Night Fundraiser
  • Feb 5 – Super Bowl Sunday – No Life Teen
  • Feb 12 – Wait for It
  • Feb 19 – Bella
  • Feb 25-26 – M&M Fundraiser
  • Feb 26 – What the Promise is For
  • March 4-5 – M&M Fundraiser
  • March 5 – For Goodness Sake
  • March 11-12 – M&M Fundraiser
  • March 12 – Peace on Earth
  • March 19 – Team Competition
  • March 26 – Spring Break – No Life Teen
  • April 2 – The Human Experience
  • April 9 – Luke 18 Prep
  • April 16 – Easter – No Life Teen
  • April 23 – Luke 18 Prep
  • April 28-30 – Luke 18 Retreat
  • May 7 – Luke 18 Reunion

M&M Fundraiser

Each year, we raise money for retreat scholarships through the Mini M&M Fundraiser.  After each Mass on the weekend of February 25/26th, students will hand out tubes of mini M&M’s with instructions for parishioners to enjoy the candy and return the container the following weekend with monies they wish to donate.  Students will then return the weekends of March 4/5 and March 11/12th to collect the containers after each of the Masses. To help, check out the M&M Fundraiser Sign up

Sunday Night Dinners

Such strong Community is built around the dinner table. We are so blessed to have amazing volunteers prepare and serve Sunday night dinners to the youth group.  CoMo Life Teen can provide the funds, we just need willing hands to turn the raw materials into a meal. If you are interested in serving in this ministry, please check out our Food Ministry Sign Up

Luke 18 High School Team

Luke 18 is a weekend-long retreat for 8th graders put on by dedicated high school students.  Please prayerfully consider your involvement with planning and leading this year’s Luke 18. Applications for the Corinthians Team (9th and 10th grade) and the Disciples Team (11th and 12th grade) are now being accepted. High School Team Applications are due March 5, 2017.

Steubenville Sign up

The 2017 Steubenville Mid-America conference will be here soon and space is limited!  CoMo Life Teen will take 58 students and leaders on the first weekend of the conference, July 14-16. The conference is held on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. We will leave by charter bus on Friday morning and return on Sunday late afternoon.  Sign up for the Steubenville Conference and receive more information here.

Awesome Retreat for all 8th Graders!

This year’s Luke 18 (8th grade retreat) is going to be illuminating! Dive into the fictional world of Harry Potter to experience a fun weekend that will ignite you to be a light in the darkness. Get excited for lots of games, music, witness talks, and  Faith encounters. At night, retreatants stay in small groups at “sleep houses” hosted by the families of the three parishes of Columbia. This retreat, sponsored by CoMo Life Teen, will be held April 28-30th at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Columbia. Cost is $50 for food and materials. The registration is April 14thSign up here

Confirmation 2016-2017

The St. Thomas More Newman Center & Sacred Heart Parishes have a combined High School Confirmation Program. The program is for Juniors and Seniors in High School who are at least 16 years of age. The class meets twice a month during the school year.

Requirements: Each student must attend class sessions, the Confirmation Retreat, and Diocesan Vocation Reflection Day in Jefferson City. In addition, each participant must complete service hours, a letter to Bishop Gaydos, a meeting with his or her pastor and reflection about Confirmation preparation experiences prior to April 2017.

A complete list of requirements and deadlines as well as the class schedule are available below:

Confirmation Schedule 2016-2017

Confirmation Requirements 2016-2017

Confirmation Sponsor Eligibility Form

Confirmation Sponsor Guidebook

Choosing a Confirmation Saint

Instructions for Reflection about Confirmation Sponsor

Instructions for Confirmation Letter to the Bishop

Confirmation Service Hours Form