Living Faith Society

LivingFaithSocietyThe Living Faith Society was founded to provide an easy and affordable way for parents, alumni, benefactors, and even current students a way to support Campus Ministry. Your monthly support will help us to empower our students to share the faith with the campus. A small gift each month makes a huge impact:

$10 per month sends one student on the Awakenings Retreat

$25 per month trains one student in campus evangelization for the year

$50 per month covers one semester of expenses for one of our large group ministries

$100 per month subsidizes one FOCUS missionary to serve on campus for a semester

For a monthly recurring gift drafted from your checking account or credit card, you’ll receive a quarterly devotional along with special prayers and reflections from our students. Joining the Living Faith Society has great benefits for you:

  • It’s easy because you don’t have to remember to send in a check.
  • It’s helpful because you can set your budget and keep your bookkeeping easy.
  • It’s rewarding because not only are you helping Campus Ministry to grow, but you will receive the Living Faith devotional each quarter with a daily scripture verse and a short meditation for each day.
  • It’s fun because you can see your contributions in action through regular updates we’ll send on the Good News happening in Campus Ministry!
  • There might be a few other surprises along the way as well!

Your monthly recurring gift will automatically enroll you in the Living Faith Society and provide Campus Ministry with much-needed ongoing support. All proceeds benefit Campus Ministry programming, allowing us to continue offering quality ministries that give students an opportunity to encounter Christ.

Choose an option below to join the Living Faith Society today!

Join through a monthly charge to your credit or debit card.

Join through automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Living Faith Society?

A: The Living Faith Society is an easy and affordable way for parents, alumni, benefactors, and even current students a way to support Campus Ministry through a recurring monthly gift.

Q. How can I become a member of the Living Faith Society?

A. You can securely enter the monthly amount and payment information online here or you can print and send in this form to have your gift withdrawn from your checking or savings account. It’s convenient and you will know that your gift supports our student community.

Q. Is my gift to the Living Faith Society safe and confidential?

A. Absolutely! All of our donation processing is securely processed and PCI compliant.

Q. Can I change my monthly gift amount?

A. Yes, you can change your amount at any time. If you set up an account when giving your gift, you have the option to log in and make changes to your gift at any time. If you did not set up an account, simply call 573-449-5424 x205 or email We will be happy to promptly make any changes you request.

Q. How will I keep records of my monthly gifts?

A. Your monthly credit card statement will show the amount and date of your gift made to Campus Ministry at St. Thomas More Newman Center. In addition, each January you’ll receive a letter from us detailing the dates and amounts of all your contributions throughout the preceding year.

Q. Will I still get news about the Campus Ministry at the St. Thomas More Newman Center?

A. Yes! You will receive regular updates on the progress being made in Campus Ministry at the Newman Center. All members of the Living Faith Society will receive twice annual newsletters in the mail as well as an annual report and monthly updates via email.