Kemper Library

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Kemper Library Mission

The Kemper Memorial Library’s mission is to serve the St. Thomas More Newman Center parish and the Catholic Community of Columbia by enriching our knowledge of Catholicism.  The library collection includes books, periodicals, audio tapes and videos in the areas of theology, church history, Scripture, spirituality, ministry, prayer and meditation, ethics, literature and Church teachings.  The library has an extensive reference section and a section devoted to family spirituality, including books and videos for young children.

Kemper Library History

The Kemper Library was founded as part of the new Newman Center by Father Donald J. Kemper and the Diocese of Jefferson City as an intellectual study center for all people.  At the time of Fr. Kemper’s death in 1984 funds were donated by his family and friends to purchase new volumes and complete the cataloging of all materials under the Library of Congress system.  The library was rededicated in memory of Father Kemper with a Mass and reception on October 6, 1985 and upon the construction of the new St. Thomas More Chapel in 1995 the library was moved to the second floor site of the original chapel.  The library now contains more than 4000 books and media items and is supported by the parish and countless donors.

Hours of Operation

Please Consult the Weekly Bulletin for hours. 

Library hours depend on the availability of volunteers and are subject to change at any time. If you would like to volunteer 2-3 hours per week, please let us know. For more information on the Kemper Library please contact the St. Thomas More Newman Center office at (573) 449-5424 or Heather Morgan at

Why Come to Kemper

  • Quiet study space for student
  • Find out more about Christianity and other religions
  • Do research at the high school, undergraduate or graduate level
  • Enrich your faith and incorporate it into everyday life
  • Prepare for classes, sermons and discussion groups
  • Help your family grow in faith together