Investing in the Future — By Marcia Dall

IMG_4256Hello fellow Catholic community members. I am Marcia Dall, and I would like to introduce the Funding a Faithful Future Capital Campaign.

I had the blessing of attending Catholic grade school. Although I knew at that time it was a fantastic place to be, I didn’t truly appreciate the morals and compassion I was surrounded by everyday until I was much older. The smaller class sizes allowed us much more personal attention to our studies, which resulted in more advanced knowledge and better performance.

The Our Lady of Lourdes Interparish School has been such a blessing to so many families over the years and to our family very recently with our oldest daughter starting kindergarten this year. In the short two months, I have seen a difference in my daughter’s faith formation and prayer life. She brings up and wants to discuss God more than she ever has. I will never forget just a short three weeks after school started, she was in the middle of a ride at Chuck E. Cheese’s, and she dropped her head and folded her hands. I asked her if she was scared, and she said “No, I just love God so much!” It was great to see she felt so secure in her faith that she didn’t care where she was or who was around when she chose to talk to God.

Speaking of security, one of the main reasons for the capital campaign of Our Lady of Lourdes Interparish School is the security of the students. The current enrollment is over 600 students and about 200 of them are in temporary trailers and have been for many years. The addition will not only meet the safety concerns, but also help the school remain up-to-date on the fundamental educational standards. A two-story addition will attach to the east side of the school to bring the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade into the main building as well as much needed restrooms, a media room, office space, etc. Safety of our students and quality of education are vital to the success of the school.

Investing in this project is investing in the future of our Catholic community — our children. They are the future of our Church. Our future Eucharistic ministers, lectors, music ministers, parish council members, religious educators, deacons, priests, and sisters.

Please pray for the success of this campaign, and please consider supporting our young Catholic community through a donation.