Legacy Fund

PlantingTheLegacy2You can sign up via credit or debit card or print this form to have your gift withdrawn directly from your checking account (just write “class gift” at the top!).

Your gift of either $2,017.00 or $1,008.50 will contribute to your class’ gift to Newman, creating a lasting impact in Campus Ministry.  Join today to help your class reach its goal of $17,000 in pledges by graduation!

Legacy Ambassadors

Do you want to talk to one of your classmates about the Legacy Fund?  Contact one of our ambassadors below with your questions!

Isaac Gillen (ijgt24@mail.missouri.edu)

Jessica Le (jessica@comonewman.org)

Val Luu (llvc8@mail.missouri.edu)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my money go?
Your gift will be added to the Campus Ministry endowment. Endowments work through investments. By investing large sums of money into the Campus Ministry endowment, the endowment earns interest. Newman will then draw from the interest earned to use as a part of the annual campus ministry budget. The initial endowment gift continues to be invested year after year, allowing your gift to continue to impact the ministry for – literally – a lifetime!

Why should I support the class gift?
The class gift touches every area of Campus Ministry. No matter how you were involved, your time at Newman was, in part, made possible by alumni who supported you. Our God calls us to be generous with the gifts given to us; giving of your resources is one way you can return your blessings to God. In addition, this special opportunity to give to the endowment will make a big difference over your lifetime – a truly life-long gift!

How does it work?
You can make a pledge to the 2017 Class Gift today and then whenever you’re ready, you can start giving with a monthly gift that will go towards that pledge. You can start, increase, decrease, or hold your gift at any time if you set up an account with your online pledge (or by contacting Newman if you choose not to set up an account online or if you choose to have funds withdrawn from your checking account).

Do I have to select one of the pre-set pledge amounts?


No, you can choose to pledge any amount you like.  The pledge amounts listed are standardized goals, but do whatever works for your budget!  If you are going on to graduate school or giving a year of service, it may make sense for you to pledge $5 or $10 a month for right now.  You can always increase, decrease, pause, or stop your pledge as needed.  You can make changes by either creating an online account when making your pledge or by contacting the Development Office.

Can I defer the start date?
Yes! Once you select your pledge amount, you will have the option of choosing a start date – either today or another future date. We ask that, to be counted towards your class’ gift, you start payments on your pledge by August 2017.

Do I have to pay with a credit card, or can I pay by check?
You can sign up online to have your gift drawn from your credit or debit card. Or, if you wish to have your pledge drawn directly from your checking account, you can fill out an EFT (electronic funds transfer) form and send it to Newman.

What if I need to change my gift?
If you need to decrease, increase, hold, or cancel your gift, you can do so at any time. While we ask for your commitment, we do understand that circumstances may change that necessitate a change in your gift. Your pledge is not a legally binding contract. However, if you need to make a change, please allow up to 5 business days to process your request.

Can I wait to pledge until I get a job?
We ask that all pledges to the class gift program be made by graduation. While we know this can be an uncertain financial time, you have the option to pledge and defer the start of payments through August 2017. Seniors who commit before graduation will also receive a special gift from Campus Ministry to thank you for all the ways – tangibly and intangibly – you have blessed and will continue to impact our Newman community!

Can I talk to someone about my gift?
Absolutely!  Call the Newman office at 573.449.5424 and ask for JoAnn Shull or email joann@comonewman.org.  You can also talk to one of our student ambassadors (contact information listed above).  We would be happy to chat with you about your options as well as any questions or concerns you may have.