Much like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes the whole community to initiate newcomers. Initiating new members to the Catholic Church is a community process. We are all called by baptism to be priests (a ministry of service), prophets (a ministry of evangelization), and kings (a ministry of charity/concern for others).

The opportunities to be involved in the RCIA process are many and varied! Even those who cannot attend Monday night sessions, particular Sunday liturgies, or occasional rituals can participate. There are even opportunities for those who live too far away, who don’t drive at night, who have other scheduling commitments, or may even be homebound. Everyone can be involved!

Support Ritual Presentations: As the participants conclude inquiry and move towards initiation, the community formally presents them with the treasures of our Creed and The Lord’s Prayer. All in the community are invited and encouraged to attend these moving ceremonies.

  • Presentation of the Lord’s Prayer: TBD
  • Presentation of the Creed: TBD

Monday Night Support team: attend the RCIA sessions and be present to the participants, perhaps helping to facilitate small group sessions.

Sponsors: walk the journey with potential new members, accompanying them at rituals at Masses, possibly including attending RCIA sessions, and help them integrate into parish life, being a role model for living a Catholic lifestyle.

Guest speakers: have (or acquire) some expertise in a particular topic and come to a given session to present that topic to the inquirers/candidates/catechumens.

Dismissal facilitators: assist the group in discussing the readings when they are dismissed from the Sunday liturgy “to feast on the Word.”

Lectors and musicians: minister at the rituals when we formally present the Creed or the Lord’s Prayer to our catechumens/candidates/elect.

Hospitality ministers: assist at or provide food for ritual receptions or regular sessions.

Environment designers: brainstorm and suggest ways to incorporate aesthetics into session topics.

Prayer partners: suggest/prepare prayers to accompany session topics and/or commit to praying for the participants and the process.

A/V/Communication collaborators: use photography, videography, print, and other means of communicating to connect the RCIA process with the members of the parish.

Contact Lisa Rose at lisa.rose@comonewman.org for more information or to volunteer.