The Hospitality Commission of the St. Thomas More Newman Center serves as a resource for promoting and providing welcoming opportunities within the parish. All members and guests are invited to participate in events and become one with others in the community. The Commission is led by Nancy Howard (

The Hospitality Commission provides:

  • A welcome to new parishioners
  • Receptions following special activities
  • Luncheons or receptions for grieving families
  • Meals for families with newborns or illness of a family member
  • Coffees for unique groups within the parish, e.g. students, international families
  • Dinners for visiting clergy and special guests
  • Support for activities and special events of the parish community
  • Assist in the building and strengthening our parish community

Special Dinners and Events

The commission hosts regularly scheduled and special events as requested by our pastor. A commission coordinator recruits volunteers to prepare and serve food and create an inviting environment for our community. 

Funeral Meals

Members of the commission organize a reception or meal for the family and friends of a deceased parishioner. A commission member serves as a coordinator for one month of the year. She or he contacts the family to discuss their needs and how best to provide food following the funeral service. 

Meals Ministry

A commission coordinator organizes volunteers to provide meals on a short-term basis for members of our church community who are returning home from the hospital or to the family of a newborn.

The parishioner contacts the church office and they in turn notify a member of the Meal Ministry Team of the need. The team member contacts family to identify their needs, menus, and time for meal deliveries. 

Hospitality Sunday

Hospitality volunteers host a coffee in the Gathering Space the last Sunday of the month, except for holiday and holy day breaks. The event consists of coffee, tea, juice, baked goods, and fruit. Parishioners have an opportunity to enjoy conversation with old friends and make new acquaintances. Sometimes other parish commissions host the event to introduce their activities to our parishioners. Volunteers are welcome.            

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  1. Carol Franssen & Family February 27, 2017 | Reply
    On February 11 the Hospitality Team went above and beyond to take care of the large group who attended the funeral Mass for Jacob Franssen. Thank you. It was a huge comfort knowing that all who attended could gather for conversation, solace, food, and time together. The flowers on the tables, the kindness of the servers, the generosity of the parishioners who donated food, the organization of the meats and other items that did not run out, the expanded seating for the crowd - it ALL supported us in a way that we continue to marvel at. Please relay to everyone our immense gratitude for the gift of giving that you provided for us. We will remember you all in prayer and service to others.

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