Progress–by Tara McAllister

Reading my bible has been a work in progress. I have been in a bible study for the past four years and, man, do I struggle. I struggle to read it on my own, to find motivation and time, to understand it, to trust it…if I’m being completely honest, I have progressed, regressed, and digressed when it comes to reading my bible. I know I cannot speak for everyone, but…Keep Reading

Rise — By Ric Dickens

It’s not about the rise. Easter is not just about the rise. Say it with me, Easter Sunday is not just about the resurrection. Yes, the resurrection is important and understandably so, but that is not what Easter is just about. It is about so much more than that. Let me explain. Jesus rose from the sepulcher and his wounds from the cross were healed, but his scars undoubtedly remained….Keep Reading

Good–by Brianna Stubler

When I found out my post was about the word good, I saw it as a sign. A huge smile spread across my face and I thanked God instantly. This was a word I didn’t need to spend hours praying about. As a journalism, classics, and political science triple major, I am very careful with words, and when I look into technicalities where politics and philosophy overlap, the word good…Keep Reading

Watch — By Katelyn Rice

“He took with him Peter, James, and John, and began to be troubled and distressed. Then he said to them, ‘My soul is sorrowful even to death. Remain here and keep watch.’” – Mark 14:32-34 One of the primary ways we humans are able to receive sensory information is through our eyes. Our eyes help lead us where to go, they help us appreciate the beauty of God’s creation, they can…Keep Reading

Change — By Dayle Dickens

Change is something I talk about a lot. We are all called to constant change. Change in itself calls us to be the best version of ourselves, to be who God created us to be. In Matthew 5:48, Jesus tells us, “be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Right here, God is calling us to be like Him. God is calling us to be perfect, which, if you’re…Keep Reading

Break — By Christine Long

I need a break. It’s something that I’ve been telling myself for a while. And it’s increased as spring break approached. It’s a phrase that runs through my head very often. And as much as I’ve wanted a break, I have the tendency to keep pushing and pushing until someone or something forces me to stop. I was sitting in my car one night after spending the previous hours trying…Keep Reading

Perfect — by Peter O’Keefe

Of all the words in the English language, one of my least favorite is “perfect.” Every time I think of the word “perfect,” the first word that comes to mind is “imperfect.” That is followed by “unattainable,” “impossible,” “failure,” “waste,” “sinner,” or “human.” “Perfect” — that thing everyone tries to appear to be in the hopes of being accepted by others. Deep down, I think everyone is aware of where…Keep Reading

Offer — by Ryan Bahr

I’ve struggled with this topic because “offerings” tend to be measured in “how much” a person is able to contribute to something. I didn’t feel able to offer much to this blog post when I agreed to it. Truth be told, I haven’t been able to offer a whole lot to others in the past few months at all. Back in November, I developed impairing vertigo and a diagnosis of…Keep Reading

Sacrifice — by Laura Brusati

When I think about sacrifice, I go back to a time in my life when I was surrounded by beautiful sacrifices. Years ago, I received a back brace for scoliosis (basically my spine is curved). I wore this brace all day, every day for four years. This was a huge adjustment, but ironically one of the greatest times in my life because of how much love I received. My whole…Keep Reading

Dust — By Ashley Bramer

“Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.” Ouch. I flinch as they touch my forehead with their thumb covered in ash and say those words. Why do I always recoil? The specks that inevitably come into my eye? Fear of a giant mark my hair doesn’t cover? I think it has something to do with being marked. Being labeled. Being different. And certainly, being dust. Dust. What…Keep Reading