Sacrifice and Gratitude — By JoAnn Shull

Let me set the scene for you. I currently volunteer with a non-profit organization, trying to get their fundraising efforts off the ground. At somewhat of the eleventh hour, a few volunteers and I pulled together a newsletter and end-of-year appeal for the organization. It was the Tuesday before Christmas, and we needed to get the mailer to the post office the next day. I knew there was a good…Keep Reading

Holy Family, Refugee Family — By Emily Shull

This week we hear the story of the Epiphany in Matthew’s Gospel, but it’s easy to miss the last line of the kings’ journey, “having been warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they departed for their country by another way.” The verses that follow tell of a harrowing journey for the Holy Family. Joseph receives word through an angel that they must flee to Egypt to escape…Keep Reading

Serving the Needs of the Parish — By Donna Blauch

As we celebrate Christ the King this weekend and the end of the church’s liturgical year, we look forward to the new year in the Church with hope, continued blessings, and renewed hearts and spirits. We are so fortunate to have a parish that continues to grow with a vibrant and active community comprised of both resident parishioners and students. I am so blessed to be part of this community…Keep Reading

Growing God-Given Treasures — By Heather Morgan

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus tells a parable about servants who were entrusted with a treasure over a period of time and judged based on the way they invested the treasure. In November 2012 I began working for Saint Thomas More Newman Center & Parish. I thought this was going to be from where I retired when I was old and wrinkly. Like that servant who buried the treasure, I…Keep Reading

Investing in the Future — By Marcia Dall

Hello fellow Catholic community members. I am Marcia Dall, and I would like to introduce the Funding a Faithful Future Capital Campaign. I had the blessing of attending Catholic grade school. Although I knew at that time it was a fantastic place to be, I didn’t truly appreciate the morals and compassion I was surrounded by everyday until I was much older. The smaller class sizes allowed us much more…Keep Reading

Support Catholic Education — by Anna Hargis

My name is Anna Hargis, and I’m celebrating my 34th year as a member of the St. Thomas More Newman Center and Parish. I joined as a student at Mizzou and have celebrated several life changing events here including when Dave and I were married and the baptism of our son. We’ve met many parishioners through Newman’s music ministry, and I’m a proud member of the 9 a.m. Sunday Music…Keep Reading

Coming Home — By JoAnn Shull

Homecoming. A time when we are called to revisit our “stomping grounds” and come home. Mizzou is no stranger to homecoming, of course, and the festivities — especially to myself as a non-native Columbian — are quite impressive. In fact, I would say Mizzou pulls out all the stops. The banners on the Greek houses, the floats, décor on campus, the fanfare of Marching Mizzou, the buzz of the football…Keep Reading

Answering God’s Invitation — By Theresa Nguyen

If you’ve ever been to Assisi, you can start to understand how St. Francis came to love nature. I visited Assisi last spring during a mission trip to Rome, and it is one of the most beautiful, most serene, most peaceful places I have ever experienced (pictured below). The whole city is on a hill (which makes walking around quite the workout). The Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels,…Keep Reading

Life is Better Connected — By Trent Rash

“You can’t do what God has called you to do alone.” There it was on the page, hitting me like a Mack Truck and finally helping it all to make sense. I am referring to some reading I was doing about small groups when I started to prepare to train our first round of resident parishioners to become small group leaders. This line, however, also greatly challenged me, someone who…Keep Reading

Bringing the Parish Together — By Theresa Nguyen

Last year, I attended my first parish picnic at Newman knowing just one person — Joe Bradley, my then boss who asked me to attend to take photos. I would not have gone if he didn’t ask me to. I don’t remember who the handful of people I met at the picnic were, except one person who I got to know really well, but it was my first exposure to…Keep Reading

We are all One Body — By JoAnn Shull

Welcome to all of our visiting families for Mizzou’s Family Weekend! We are happy to have you here. As you may have gathered by looking around during Mass, the St. Thomas More Newman Center is not your ordinary parish. In addition to the 600+ families that attend on a regular basis, we also see 1,000+ college students. We offer all that a regular parish does — children’s religious education, sacraments,…Keep Reading

A Heart for Ministry — By Ben Struemph

I’m from Jefferson City, Missouri, where I attended Helias Catholic High School. I am an only child, but I have a lot of cousins who I am close with. My parents, from a young age, instilled in me the importance of hard work and the value of a dollar. They also showed me the importance of getting to know the people around me. These skills have led me on a…Keep Reading