Bringing the Parish Together — By Theresa Nguyen

Last year, I attended my first parish picnic at Newman knowing just one person — Joe Bradley, my then boss who asked me to attend to take photos. I would not have gone if he didn’t ask me to. I don’t remember who the handful of people I met at the picnic were, except one person who I got to know really well, but it was my first exposure to…Keep Reading

We are all One Body — By JoAnn Shull

Welcome to all of our visiting families for Mizzou’s Family Weekend! We are happy to have you here. As you may have gathered by looking around during Mass, the St. Thomas More Newman Center is not your ordinary parish. In addition to the 600+ families that attend on a regular basis, we also see 1,000+ college students. We offer all that a regular parish does — children’s religious education, sacraments,…Keep Reading

A Heart for Ministry — By Ben Struemph

I’m from Jefferson City, Missouri, where I attended Helias Catholic High School. I am an only child, but I have a lot of cousins who I am close with. My parents, from a young age, instilled in me the importance of hard work and the value of a dollar. They also showed me the importance of getting to know the people around me. These skills have led me on a…Keep Reading

When we make plans, God laughs — By Theresa Nguyen

Growing up with a Newman Center in my hometown, I thought I knew what it was when I came to Columbia. It was a place with good music and doughnuts after Mass. So when I arrived at Mizzou four years ago, I went to Mass with my roommate, and we signed up to be lectors occasionally. I didn’t plan on getting too involved with the Newman Center. I wanted to…Keep Reading

Not Just a Place — By Joe Bradley

I still have a vivid memory of the first time I attended Mass at the Newman Center almost 10 years ago, a few weeks into my freshman year at the University of Missouri. I found a fellow Catholic and Cubs fan that lived down the hall and we decided to attend the student Mass together. During Fr. Thomas’ homily he cracked some jokes about both the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the…Keep Reading

Unconditional and Infinite Love — By Anita Bruzzese

When we think of mothers, we often think of unconditional love. Your mother loves you when you spill grape Kool-Aid on her new couch. Your mother loves you when you get caught skipping school. You mother loves you when you put a dent in the car. No matter what, your mother is your greatest champion, the one who prays for you every day and the one who never gives up…Keep Reading

A Call to Share our Mission — By JoAnn Shull

In our second reading this Sunday, St. Paul reminds us that we each have the Spirit of God dwelling in us.  And how the Spirit is alive at Newman today!  Generations of students and parishioners have built the Newman Center into what it is today and have continued to bring Christ’s light to our corner of the world. Last week in this bulletin column, Angelle wrote about the history of…Keep Reading

A Faithful Legacy — By Angelle Hall

In December 2007, my first winter break as the Director of Campus Ministry at Newman, I decided it might be important to read through all the files my predecessors had left for me. I confess that up until then, I struggled to find the time to sit and read through them. I will never forget finding documentation about the desires and attempts to create Catholic small faith sharing groups for…Keep Reading

Students Set for Mission Trip to Haiti

Since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Jennifer Baggett and I have been to Haiti numerous times, and come home to share our experiences, both joyous and sorrowful with our friends and family.  These stories have become a constant in our homes, and in the lives of our children and their friends.  As our daughters approached their senior year they wanted to make their own pilgrimage to Haiti.  They will serve…Keep Reading

Job Posting: Assistant Director of Campus Ministry

Assistant Director of Campus Ministry Description: The St. Thomas More Newman Center serving the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou) and two other colleges is accepting applications for the Assistant Director of Campus Ministry. The Assistant Director reports directly to the Director of Campus Ministry and serves with a team of priests, two other professional campus ministry staff, FOCUS missionaries, and student interns. The Assistant Director for Campus Ministry has a primary…Keep Reading

The Feast of the Epiphany

The following information is from the About Religion website ( and is written by Scott P. Richert who is the author of numerous articles on Catholic moral, social, political, and historical issues. In his monthly column for Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture (of which he is the executive editor), and in articles published elsewhere (especially the national Catholic weekly newspaper The Wanderer), Scott frequently writes on Catholic themes. The…Keep Reading

2016 #comonewman Photo of the Year

Help us decide the #comonewman 2016 Photo of the Year! Throughout the year, photos tagged with #comonewman on Instagram have been considered for the Photo of the Week on the cover of the bulletin. We’ve narrowed down the entires to one photo from each month. You can click on the photos to view them larger, and then cast your vote below. Captions are also available below. You may vote once…Keep Reading