What is Divine Mercy? — By Fr. Rich, O.P.

These questions and answers are from a blog by Jimmy Akin, published April 4, 2013 from the National Catholic Register. Although this is not an exhaustive list of questions and answers, perhaps it offers enough that those who are curious might be encouraged to search further. What is Divine Mercy Sunday? Divine Mercy Sunday is celebrated on the Second Sunday of Easter. It is based on the private revelations of…Keep Reading

The Power and Love of God — By Fr. Rich, O.P.

I’ve struggled this year with the Easter column. I was focused on one that I had written in 2015, centered on six words: “bravely, fiercely, and compassionately; relentless, forgiving, unconditional.” Since I first heard them in an episode of Chicago Fire, they have come to be the thread through which run the events of Holy Week and Easter. Finally, I’ve landed on the moment that everything has been preparation for:…Keep Reading

Move Toward a Changed Self — By Fr. Rich, O.P.

Well, we’ve arrived; Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion. And that pretty much says it all. The liturgy opens with the triumphant enter of Jesus into Jerusalem; then Mark’s Gospel. Opening with an account of Jesus’ anointing by the woman with oil, “anointing my body for burial”; it builds inexorably through the meal in the upper room, his sharing of his Body and Blood; a final gift to his friends….Keep Reading

Ground Routines in God’s Love — By Fr. Rich, O.P.

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself, in conversation with friends, parishioners, and colleagues, voicing a consistent thought: “We spend a good portion of our lives on auto-pilot.” I know that I do. I have a morning routine and a nighttime routine. I have a routine as I get to the parish, as I prepare to celebrate the liturgy. Routine make our lives manageable in some ways. In some…Keep Reading

The Gift of the Eucharist — By Fr. Rich, O.P.

I’m writing this column on March 2, this being my third attempt to do so. This effort follows the privilege of celebrating the Eucharist, in the morning for the children at St. Peter’s in Fulton, at noon for our community here. As the Spirit would have it, both homilies were drawn from the Responsorial Psalm, “Remember the marvels the Lord has done.” In both homilies, I invited members of the…Keep Reading

In Omnibus Caritas — By Fr. Reginald, O.P.

Dear friends, In my relatively short time at Newman, I have been edified by the kind and welcoming spirit that I have observed here. There seems to be an understanding that people come from all different cultures and walks of life, bringing a variety of experiences and customs to the Church. This variety expresses itself in many ways, including the music we are used to, the way we dress in…Keep Reading

An Intentional and Consistent Lent — By Fr. Rich, O.P.

It’s time for the age old question, “What am I giving up for Lent?” As Lent is a season of penitential practice, it can be a legitimate question. I’ve some suggestions for your consideration. Why not give up the randomness of your prayer life, and chose to be intentional about how you pray? Commit to a consistent time for personal prayer, even arrange a place in which you can be…Keep Reading

The History of the Diocese of Jefferson City — By Fr. Rich, O.P.

As I write this, we are looking forward to the ordination of the 4th bishop of the Diocese of Jefferson City. I would like take this opportunity to personally thank Bishop Emeritus Gaydos for the wonderful support he has shown me since my arrival at St. Thomas More. I have found him a quiet, firm guide, available when I had questions and needed direction. On behalf of my Dominican brothers…Keep Reading

Commitment Sunday — By Fr. Rich, O.P.

“As generous distributors of God’s manifold grace, put your gifts at the service of one another, each in the measure you have received.” Peter 4:10. I walk by this Scripture nearly every day. It is displayed on the “Called to Share” campaign plaque from the early 2000s. Since that time, the parish has successfully placed itself on financially solid ground, protecting and ensuring the future of our faith community. This…Keep Reading

Envisioning Our Future — By Fr. Rich, O.P.

Over the past year, this idea of “visioning the future” has been very much a part of my present. The Holy Spirit, in a rare show of humor, has arranged for this process to take place, not only in our parish community, but also at the level of our diocese and our Dominican province. With respect to our parish and diocese, the interests are entwined. We’ve been tasked with examining…Keep Reading

Organize Your Spiritual Life — By Fr. Rich, O.P.

A creedal statement is “an authoritative, formulated statement of the chief articles of Christian belief.” The one we publicly profess most regularly is the Nicene Creed, which is popularly thought to have been promulgated by the Council of Nicaea. Current scholarship has uncovered a more complex history, which is beyond the scope of this column, but makes for interesting reading. (See www.britannica.com/topic/Nicene-Creed) Creedal statements help us to remember what is…Keep Reading

The Spirit of Christmas — By Fr. Rich, O.P.

THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST Christmas Eve was coming to a close. After dinner and presents at my grandparents’, my siblings and I were getting ready for a long winter’s nap. Mom and Dad would gather us around the tree, ablaze with lights and tinsel. (Mom always put tinsel on the tree until the day before we took it down!) Dad would read “the story”; the Gospel of Luke, Chapter…Keep Reading