Spiritual Formation

Small Group Bible Studies

It will transform your week in just an hour!  Meet in small groups with fellow students and/or FOCUS missionaries to delve deeper into your faith and talk about how to live out your faith in a University community.  Groups meet every day of the week when MU is in session!  For more information contact campus.ministry@comonewman.org.


Campus Ministry retreats offer students a chance to grow spiritually while spending a relaxing weekend with a wonderful community.  The student-led Awakenings Retreat occurs once each semester for an extended weekend of prayer and fellowship.  The Freshmen Overnight Retreat and Busy Person’s Retreats offer shorter overnight, evening, or daytime retreats to fit the needs and schedules of busy students.  Check the Campus Ministry Upcoming Events page for open retreat registrations.

Vocation Discernment Groups

If you are considering life as a religious sister, brother, or priest and would like to explore this potential call in the company of others like you, consider joining either the men’s or women’s Religious Vocation Discernment Group.  These groups, for young adults ages 18-30 years, will be facilitated by a religious sister and brother.  For more information, contact Sr. Karen at srkaren@comonewman.org.

Scripture & Theology Courses

Living the faith necessarily means growing in knowledge the faith.  As such, the St. Thomas More Newman Center is committed to providing opportunities to dive into topics like marriage, morality, church history, drinking and the college culture, sacraments, Catholic social thought, Pauline literature, and more.  Some topics are covered in one-night events while others are held in a 4-6 week class format.  For upcoming events, check the bulletin or calendar or email campus.ministry@comonewman.org.

Living Truth

living truth background editedLiving Truth is a ministry designed to provide you with a deeper theological understanding of the Catholic faith. This weekly ministry is a discussion-based exploration of the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas in the Summa Theologica. For more information, check the bulletin or calendar or email campus.ministry@comonewman.org.