Pope Francis calls us to Love our Neighbors in Global Campaign

Newman&ShareJourneyOn September 27, 2017, Pope Francis launched a global campaign to support immigrants and refugees around the world called “Share the Journey.”

Through this campaign, our Church hopes to dispel widespread fear of newcomers and to raise awareness of why so many people are compelled to leave their homes at this time in history.

Our brothers and sisters often make perilous journeys, leaving their homelands because they are forced to flee their homes to escape conflict, poverty, persecution, and violence. There are more refugees and internally displaced people now — over 65 million — than at any other time in recorded history.

Our faith calls us to love our neighbor, to see Christ in those who are in greatest need, and to welcome newcomers seeking the security, peace, and opportunity they cannot find in their home countries. We can join Pope Francis and the Church around the world and share the journey with fellow children of God by learning about their journeys. Read stories, watch videos, and pay attention to news that can help sensitize us to their reality. Then, share what you learn with others by:

  • Joining the #sharejourney campaign on social media. Post a photo of yourself reaching out to migrants and refugees in love and welcome and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Feel free to be creative when creating your own version, and always include #ShareJourney in your post.
  • Meeting immigrants and refugees. Contact our local Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri  agency (at www.cccnmo.org) to learn how you can join or support their programs that serve immigrants and refugees.
  • Saying a daily prayer for all people, and especially children, who have fled their homes in search of peace and safety.
  • Supporting the work of local and international Catholic agencies, like Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services, who help to care for the needs of immigrants and refugees in the United States and around the world.

Learn more about the campaign and other ways to get involved in the “Share the Journey” global migration campaign at www.sharejourney.org.

A Prayer for the Global Migration Campaign

Adonai, Lord and Master,

Many are the journeys your people have taken:

Abraham’s journey led from fear to understanding;

Moses’ journey led from bondage to liberty;

the disciples’ journey led from death to new life.

Even today, your people journey —

immigrants and refugees, pilgrims and nomads,

searching for hope,

searching for opportunity,

searching for peace,

searching for you.

Lord, I know that I too am called to journey.

Yet too many times, I have heard your call,

and my feet have remained unmoved.

Continue to call me

beyond my comfort and into encounter.

And when I meet a companion on the road,

may we find you in each other’s embrace.

Let us share the journey.